The Indifferent Disciple

The Indifferent Disciple

It’s better to be poor in the things of this world than to be indifferent in faith, for true wealth isn’t found in things or money, but instead resembles having a faith in Christ that’s as refreshing as a cup of ice-cold water and as energizing as a cup of hot coffee.

The Hour of Trial

Hour of Trial Revelation 3

If you’re in Christ and living according to His Word, then He will keep you from the hour of trail that is going to come upon the earth and test all those alive at the time.

Hold the Door


How does it make you feel when someone, perhaps even God, holds the door open for you? That’s the essence of our message for this Sunday. Tune into our Facebook page to watch and learn more.

The Book of Life

God knew you before you were born – every moment recorded in His Book of life before a single day (on Earth) had passed. The precious thoughts he has about you cannot be numbered—he is with you every moment of every day.

Share Your God Story


Generations will know of God and be able to tell their children of God’s mighty acts when we share our God stories of the wonderous and good things he’s done for us.