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During Saturday and Sunday’s message, Pastor Jason taught us how loving others with a sticky kind of love (as Ruth loved Naomi and as Christ loves his church) can warms hearts and changes the world.

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As Jesus hung on the cross, he trusted that God his Father would glorify him in the end. The crowds and religious leaders beneath his cross through didn’t believe in Jesus or trust his claims that he was the Son of God. Instead, they mocked him for trusting in God, trusting only in themselves and their understanding of how they believed things were supposed to work in this world. 

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God didn’t want Israel’s GIANT fears or the giant obstacles standing before them to prevent them from seizing the Promised Land – that he’d already given to them, if only they’d grasp that reality in their hearts and minds and grasp the victory he’d proclaimed. 

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Moses pleaded with God to not destroy Israel after they chose to worship a fake and poor substation for God (an idol, the golden calf shaped like an Apis bull). He even asked God to forgive them or take his life as ransom if he wouldn’t. Moses, an archetype for Jesus, was the Real McCoy who showed Israel (and now you and me as well) how to live for God and not the idols we craft in our minds.  

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When you’re in a situation that feels like you’re caught between your future and the past —knowing that you can’t go back to what, was but also not seeing how to move forward— it can be easy for your heart and mind to get lost—stuck between the places of fear and faith. In those times, God’s wants you to keep your focus on Him – the Rock of your salvation, and to still your heart and mind, and watch as he has your back and guides you into a new day.